EASY FRAME by Igamaru

Written by John Teo

“Easy Frame” is selected card inside a picture frame, or selected card to impossible location.

There are many versions available, from the very complicated to the very simple.  This employs the easy method and hence its name “Easy Frame”.  Not only is it easy to perform, the picture frame can be freely examined afterwards.

You receive the picture frame, measuring 4.25 X 5.75 inches.  It has a wooden frame and a glass panel.  The picture inside the frame is that of a tower.  This picture can of course be changed to a picture or photograph of your choice.  You also receive a specially made gimmick and printed instructions.  You need to supply your own blue back bicycle deck of cards.

In effect, the performer displays a small wooden picture frame with a picture of a tower.  The picture inside the frame can only be accessed through its back panel, like the usual picture frame.  The audience can see that the back panel is locked by 4 small levers.

A spectator is enlisted to help out.  She chooses a playing card which is then shuffled back into the deck.  Her card is lost in the deck.  The performer springs the deck of cards onto the picture frame.  The cards bounce off the picture frame and land on in a pool of cards on the table.  Magically, the chosen card is seen trapped inside the glass frame.  The picture frame can be handed to the spectator to examine at this stage.  The spectator has to undo the 4 levers at the back panel of the frame in order to be able to take out her selected card.

The effect is easy to perform and has little performing angle to worry about.  It is suitable for parlour magic and is quite visual.

When you first receive the product, you may think that the method will never fool an audience.  You need to try it out in an acutal performance to see that it is really effective and easy to do.

It is possible to have the selected card signed.  This is also taught in the instructions.  However, this version requires you to specially prepare the frame and have some audience management in terms of performing angle.  The frame will not be shown at the beginning, but only after the card is selcted and lost in the deck.  When the frame is first shown to the audience, it already has the signed selected card inside it.  However, it is still a mystery as the card can only be acessed by unlocking the back panel of the frame.    

The recommended version is the easy version.  This allows you to concentrate fully on your presentation.  It is also more visual.  The audience sees the picture frame and it is the same frame that suddenly has the selected card trapped inside it when the deck of cards is sprung onto the glass panel.  (Rated 5/5 stars)