Rising Up by DK

Written by John Teo

The rising card is one of the most beautiful feats of magic that can be done to a deck of playing cards. Imagine a selected and signed card that is shuffled back into the deck magically rises by itself from the middle of the deck.

Many methods have been devised to accomplish this effect, most of them employing a gimmick. Although it can also be done with sleight-of-hand, it will not be as clean as if it is carried out with a gimmick of some sort.

“Rising Up” is a gimmick for rising card invented by DK, the clever South Korean magician who has won awards in FISM. This is a small and versatile gimmick that can be used with a borrowed deck. There is no thread or body hook-ups involved. No magnets are used in the gimmick. The deck can be spread widely before and after the rise. The entire effect looks exactly how a chosen card would rise from the middle of a deck if it was done purely by magic. The deck can be returned to the owner and everything can be examined.

You receive the small gimmick and a link to a video tutorial. The video is only 6 minutes long – therefore you can guess that it is not a complicated gimmick to use.

The gimmick is small and it allows you to get it on and ditch it easily afterwards. If you get used to the gimmick, it is very easy to use. There is, of course, some performing angles to be aware of, but nothing very critical. It looks very clean to the audience. No cards need to be forced, you can spread the cards widely, and no one would think that anything else is involved other than the deck of cards which can be borrowed. (Rated 5/5 stars)